My name is Marco Gomez and I’m a Senior Software Engineer with more than 20 years of experience using technology in many fields, such as Programming, Game Development, Systems Administration, Marketing and Advertising and even Financial Market.

My main area of expertise is Front-end Creative Development with React, ThreeJS and WebGL.

Throughout all those years exploring my passion concerning technology, I had the pleasure to attend to several personal, professional and corporate endeavors which brought me to my current acquaintance in my career. I am married, and a proud father.


My main objective is to take the next step on my software engineer career, by finding a job to work with something I'm passionate about in an innovative and solid company that values team work + creativity, always looking for cutting edge technology usage and development on a constant learning environment.

I'm looking for fully-remote Creative Development (React + ThreeJS + WebGL) projects and opportunities.

My Work

If you're a recruiter or a talent headhunter, I'll assume that in order to save your valuable time, you may want to see my recent programming accomplishments right away:

Full-stack Projects
  • I've been working with a lot of full-stack projects using NodeJS and Express ( back-end ) and React ( front-end ) with WebGL to explore new ways of interactive communication through plugins-free and platforms-independent web browsers, in order to create totally innovative user experiences with state-of-the-art mobile-first capabilities. Some examples are:
    • ReactGL Portfolio - 6 Awards among the most respected recognitions related to Creative Front-End Development(see list of awards below). ReactGL Portfolio is a tool that I created to show my personal portfolio, and also a concept of React application that can be used to generate all its content dynamically from a single JSON file containing all text content organized in sections as JavaScript objects, thus, I can change the entire website without changing a single line of code, just by editing its JSON content file. Features: ReactGL Portfolio counts with a gallery of projects (that can be used on the same manner for products) with real-time sorting and filtering, that programmatically generates projects sub-pages with project-overview, details, screen-shots, links, and even video-previews. It also counts with a way of loading content dynamically, that can be seen at the WebSite homepage, capable of loading and switching seamlessly over complex ThreeJS scenes and background Shaders dynamically, with a navigation system. Technologies used: React, ThreeJS, and WebGL;
    • ShaderLab - an online WebGL Shader Editor with live coding, JIT compilation, real-time preview, and many social-network features, which is one of the most complete tools available to quickly prototype, preview and publish GLSL Fragment Shaders. Features: complete and secure authentication system, likes and commenting system, GLSL editor with syntax highlighting and keywords matching, auto-completion, dozens of Vim features, and lots of ways of plugging textures and audio inputs for the shaders. Technologies used: Docker ( containerization, deployment and development / production environment consistency ), NodeJS + Express ( back-end ), React ( front-end ) and WebGL ( real-time GPU accelerated rendering );
    • Plexus-Shaders - recently featured by Google at the Experiments with Google website (which is a high-level exposition, curated by Google, showing the most innovative creations and experiences available on web browsers). Plexus-Shaders is a tech demo that shows how 3D models and environments can be combined with audio-reactive post-processing effects in a totally interactive user experience, by using cutting edge techniques with JavaScript and Three.JS. The same technology can be used for sophisticated user interfaces, interactive presentations focused on marketing and products or even data visualization. Technologies used: React, ThreeJS and GLSL post-processing shaders. This project was recently incorporated inside ReactGL portfolio as a showcase of dynamic content loading;
  • Those, and many other projects, can be found on my updated Portfolio, at the Projects section of my website.
GameDev Projects
  • I have a broad experience on the gaming industry. I'm a very agnostic programmer, with a considerable knowledge o C++, C#, Unity, and other broadly popular game-engines. My most recent GameDev project:
    • Azzembler - Azzembler is a game prototype made all by myself from scratch (including "hand-made" physics and ray-cast collision systems), as a proof of concept of a game whose all the art and aesthetics are procedurally generated through GLSL audio-reactive Shaders, giving the game the possibility of creating (and dynamically switching among) multiple worlds, environments and even emulated old-school platform's aesthetics and characteristics;
Sysadmin & DevOps Tools
  • I love writing tools to facilitate life on Linux Terminal Environments, like my recent Networking Tool: Improved Netstat (which works also as an interesting monitoring daemon to use on graphical environment if combined with tools like Conky);
  • ... and Like Color_Ansi_RGB, a minimalistic library to handle colors and color conversions (RGB to ANSI and vice-versa) with Python, aiming to facilitate and flexibilize information printing and readability for Python daemons and tools that uses terminal output;
  • Besides those types of projects, I reinforce my 20 years of experience with Linux Systems and distributions, and also my experience with cloud environments like Amazon AWS and Google Compute Engine. All my current projects are hosted at Google Compute Engine platform and runs over systems that I built from scratch, deploy and manage by myself using server-based technologies like Debian Linux, custom compiled Nginx, Docker and Ansible. I'm also very experienced with serverless-based technologies like Amazon AWS microservices (Amazon EC2, AWS Connect, AWS Lex, AWS Lambda and many other tools required for an AWS Architect / Developer).


My most recent Awards


Senior Software Developer and AWS Architect

2019 - Present
Hermes UK

Hermes U.K. is the second largest parcel carrier in the United Kingdom. Behind its solid brand, founded in 1972, there's over 15,500 highly trained employees. Working for Hermes U.K. as Senior Software Engineer and AWS Architect / Developer, I'm having the amazing opportunity to build (as lead developer) one of our A.I. driven tools, the IVR, using technologies like NodeJS, Amazon Lex, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Connect, Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Engagement Cloud. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an AI-driven telephone answering system capable of advanced voice synthesis and speech recognition. It currently receives about 15 thousands calls every day, and solves 80% of our customers requests, leaving only about 20% of the calls to be escalated to human call-center employees.

Tech Solutions Provider / Consultant

2014 - 2019
MgzMe, Leeds - U.K.

Acting as an autonomous consultant, Software Developer and System Administrator, I've been providing totally customized solutions for my clients needs based on all the technologies that I'm experienced with, including - but not only - cloud Linux distributions deployment, Docker, NodeJS, React and Python. If required as per the clients necessities I also take care of servers overall administration, security optimization, virtual machines management, and tasks automation, besides - most importantly - software development.

Community Manager & Programming Manager

2012 - 2014
Machinima, Los Angeles

Working at Machinima I’ve had the great opportunity to lead an extremely successful advertisement campaign for Sony, overachieving my contractor's expectations by helping them to internationally strengthen the Playstation brand and to gear up its community of consumers and content creators.

At this position, I was responsible for Community Management, Programming Management and Social Media Management, engaging, motivating and orchestrating three in-house teams and more than 60 of the most influential and respected local content creators. Together, we proudly achieved more than three hundreds of thousands of followers to the brand new social media profiles created exclusively for this project in less than 3 months of execution. Besides all the Marketing skill set required to accomplish this vast challenge, my Technology skill-set proved itself valuable and indispensable. Tech tools and technologies we used throughout the project: Jira (project management), Sorenson Squeeze (pipeline video transcoding), and many self-written Python tools (to gather and analyze data about our local gaming-related content production market) and, most importantly, the internal usage platform that I created and maintained at the company for data visualization with Python and Flask.

Automated Stock Trading

2006 - 2012
Market: BM&FBovespa, São Paulo

By working with Automated Stock Trading I've had the opportunity to discover and learn technologies to analyze the market and negotiate future contracts automatically using self-written algorithms.

Content Production and Video Making

2012 - Present

Since 2012, I've been a member of the YouTube community amassing a considerable audience around my channel. As a more personal side of my Social Media activities, I've been creating videos on my spare time and exploring my second greater passion besides technology: communicating. Over those 6 years, I gladly achieved about 330 thousands followers by sharing my life experiences and personal values. This Internet presence also expands to Twitter, where I have 161 thousand followers, and Instagram, with 17 thousand followers.

Skills & Proficiency


JavaScript ( Up-to-date ECMA ) and Python.

Frameworks & Runtimes

React, ThreeJS, NodeJS, Express.

Web and Web APIs

WebGL, WebXR, Web Audio, HTML5, CSS3, Web Sockets.


ThreeJS, PixiJS, and pure straight WebGL + GLSL.

Game Engines

Unity, Game Maker Studio 2.0 and Unreal Engine 4.

AWS Solutions

AWS Lightsail, EC2, Connect, Lex, Lambda, S3, CloudFront and DynamoDB.


Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins.

I'm glad to say that I also know a lot of Linux and System Administration.