Marco Gomez

Tech Lead

Senior Software Engineer

R&D / Innovation Specialist


My name is Marco Gomez and I'm a Tech Lead with more than 29 years of experience in Software Engineering, using technology in many fields such as Software Development, Systems Administration, Automation, Marketing and Advertising, and even the Financial Market.

My main areas of expertise are: Front-end Development with React, NextJS, ThreeJS, and WebGL, and also agnostic 3D development using multiple Languages, Engines, and Frameworks (like Unreal Engine, C++, Unity and C#).

Throughout a lifetime of dedication to programming, I had the pleasure to attend and learn from several professional, corporate, and personal endeavors which brought me to my current seniority and success - which I'm Very Thankful for - in my career.


My main objective is to take the next step in my software engineering career by finding a job to work with something I'm passionate about in an innovative and solid company that values teamwork and creativity in a learning-friendly environment. I'm mostly - but not only - interested in projects that involve Front end engineering with React, ThreeJS, WebGL, and graphical engineering.

My Work

If you're a recruiter or a talent headhunter, I'll assume that in order to save your valuable time, you may want to see my recent programming accomplishments right away:

Full-stack Projects
  • I've been working with a lot of full-stack projects using NodeJS + Express (back-end) andNextJS + React (front-end) withWebGL to explore new ways of interactive communication through plugins-free and platforms-independent web browsers, in order to create totally innovative user experiences with state-of-the-art mobile-first capabilities. Some few examples I'd like to highlight are:
    • The Code Therapy

      The online WebGL Shader Editor for the Browser, with live coding, a fully-featured IDE-like code editor, real-time preview, and many features like a complete and secure authentication system, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, keywords matching, and lots of ways of plugging textures, audio and video inputs for the shaders. All those features make it one of the most complete tools available to quickly prototype, preview and publish GLSL Shaders.

      • JavaScript
      • Docker
      • NodeJS
      • Express
      • React
      • NextJS
      • ThreeJS
      • WebGL
      • GLSL
    • NextGL Portfolio

      6 Awards among the most respected recognitions related to Creative Front-End Development (see list of awards below). NextGL Portfolio is a tool that I created to show my personal portfolio, and also to serve me as a WebGL Laboratory to quickly prototype tech-demos and Interactive Audio-Reactive scenes. It counts with all the most advanced and bleeding-edge features of NextJS 13, plus a state-of-the-art navigation system, dynamically generated content, dynamic routing, super-optimized rendering, and a flawless app-wide states-management system. It is essentially a Progressive Web App that aims to show how far our current FrontEnd technologies can go.

      • TypeScript
      • NextJS 13
      • React
      • MobX
      • ThreeJS
      • WebGL
      • GLSL
    • Plexus-Shaders

      Recently featured by Google at the Experiments with Google website (which is a high-level exposition, curated by Google, showing the most innovative creations and experiences available on web browsers). Plexus-Shaders is a tech demo that shows how 3D models and environments can be combined with audio-reactive post-processing effects in a totally interactive user experience, by using cutting edge techniques with JavaScript and Three.JS. The same technology can be used for sophisticated user interfaces, interactive presentations focused on marketing and products or even data visualization.

      • ThreeJS
      • WebGL
      • GLSL
GameDev Projects
  • I have a broad experience on the gaming industry. I'm a very agnostic programmer, with a considerable knowledge o C++, C#, Unity, and other broadly popular game-engines. My most recent GameDev project:
    • Azzembler

      Azzembler is a game prototype made all by myself from scratch (including self-written physics and ray-cast collision systems), as a proof of concept of a game whose all the art and aesthetics are procedurally generated through GLSL audio-reactive Shaders, giving the game the possibility of creating (and dynamically switching among) multiple worlds, environments and even emulated aesthetics.

      • C++
      • OpenGL
      • GLSL
Sysadmin & DevOps Tools
  • I love writing tools to facilitate life on Linux Terminal Environments.
    • Improved Netstat - A network CLI tool (which works also as an interesting monitoring daemon to use on graphical environment if combined with tools like Conky).
    • Color_Ansi_RGB - A minimalistic library to handle colors and color conversions (RGB to ANSI and vice-versa) with Python, aiming to facilitate and flexibilize information printing and readability for Python daemons and tools that uses terminal output.
    • Besides those types of projects, I reinforce my vast experience with Linux Systems and distributions, and also my experience with cloud environments like Amazon AWS microservices, Google Compute Engine and all sorts of cloud deployment technologies and pipelines.


My most recent Awards


Tech Lead & Senior WebGL Engineer

April 2021 - PRESENT
ROOM 3D Communications S.à.r.l.

Room is a 3D social platform that enables people to interact through immersive experiences like we are all used to doing in reality. At Room, I had the great honor to be chosen by Cevat Yerli himself (founder and former CEO of Crytek, the company that revolutionized 3D Graphics Engineering and created some of the most advanced technologies and techniques the whole industry uses since then), and through my Tech Lead role working with technologies like WebGL, React, WebRTC, TensorFlow and many others, I've been leading and working together with some of the best 3D Engine engineers in the world, 3D artists, and designers, participating on the building process of one of the most unique 3D immersive experiences ever created in the communications industry.

Tech Lead & Senior Software Engineer

September 2020 - April 2021

SignStix is an award-winning innovative software company based in the U.K., specializing in delivering digital signage solutions globally. As Tech Lead and Head of Innovation, my work at SignStix allowed me to lead the development of all the company's solutions, including Back-End systems, Front-End applications, cutting-edge technology for Single Board Computers, IoT devices, and high-end screens with systems on a chip, guiding an incredibly talented development team to evolve daily.

Lead WebGL Developer

April 2020 - September 2020

Backed by a global team of incredibly experienced technologists and problem solvers, Clevertech is one of the world's most innovative solution providers in the Software Engineering Industry. Working for Clevertech I acted not only as a Senior Front-End Engineer but also as their Lead WebGL Developer, creating from scratch their first internal WebGL framework to empower React Developers with no advanced WebGL and mathematic knowledge to develop and deliver 3D Web Applications with top tier quality.

Senior Software Engineer and AWS Architect

June 2019 - April 2020
Hermes UK

Hermes U.K. is the second-largest parcel carrier in the United Kingdom. Behind its solid brand, founded in 1972, there are over 15,500 highly trained employees. Working for Hermes U.K. technology labs as Senior Software Engineer and AWS Architect / Developer, I had the amazing opportunity to build (as lead developer) one of Hermes's A.I. driven tools, the IVR, using technologies like NodeJS, Amazon Lex, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Connect, Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Engagement Cloud. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an AI-driven telephone answering system capable of advanced voice synthesis and speech recognition. It currently receives about 20 thousand calls every day, and solves 80% of Hermes's customers' requests, leaving only about 20% of the calls to be escalated to human call-center employees.

Tech Solutions Provider / Consultant

2014 - 2019
MgzMe, Leeds - U.K.

Acting as an autonomous consultant, Software Developer, and System Administrator, I provided totally customized solutions for my client's needs based on all the technologies that I'm experienced with within Software Engineering and high-level technical architecture planning.

Community Manager & Programming Manager

2012 - 2014
Machinima, Los Angeles

Working at Machinima I've had the great opportunity to lead an extremely successful advertisement campaign for Sony, overachieving my contractor's expectations by helping them to internationally strengthen the Playstation brand and to gear up its community of consumers and content creators.

At this position, I was responsible for Community Management, Programming Management and Social Media Management, engaging, motivating and orchestrating three in-house teams and more than 60 of the most influential and respected local content creators. Together, we proudly achieved more than three hundreds of thousands of followers to the brand new social media profiles created exclusively for this project in less than 3 months of execution. Besides all the Marketing skill set required to accomplish this vast challenge, my Technology skill-set proved itself valuable and indispensable.

Skills & Proficiency


JavaScript (+TypeScript), Python, C, C++.

Frameworks & Runtimes

React, NextJS, ThreeJS, NodeJS, Express.

Web and Web APIs

WebGL, WebXR, Web Audio, HTML5, CSS3, Web Sockets, WebRTC


ThreeJS, PixiJS, and pure straight WebGL + GLSL.

Game Engines

Unity, Game Maker Studio 2.0 and Unreal Engine.

AWS Solutions

AWS Lightsail, S3, EC2, Lambda, Connect, Lex, and CloudFront.

DevOps, CI/CD, and Testing

Docker, Vercel, GitHub Actions, Jest, Cypress, MochaJS, Jenkins, SemaphoreCI

I'm glad to say that I also know a lot of Linux and System Administration.